My Vision

Empowering Occupational Therapists with splinting skills and knowledge

Rita Mak profile
Hand x-rayHand splint
My name is Rita Mak

I’m an Occupational Therapist (Certified Hand Therapist) who is currently practicing hand therapy at a Level 1 Trauma hospital in BC

I graduated from McMaster University in 2007 with a Masters of Science, Occupational Therapy degree. In 2011, I completed a Hand Therapy Fellowship at the Philadelphia Hand and Shoulder Center.

During my time in Philadelphia, I created and taught a dynamic splinting module to the Master of Occupational Therapy students at Thomas Jefferson University. I am currently a Clinical Instructor at University of British Columbia, for the Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy Departments, for the last six years. In my role as a Clinician Instructor, I co-teach the Biomechanical and Hand Therapy Modules.

Why Splinting Courses?

Through the years, I have spoken with a number of Occupational Therapists who have expressed an interest in developing their custom splinting skills, but feel the lack of opportunities to do so. I am hoping to support and empower my colleagues by offering hands on courses, in small class sizes.